Friday, September 5, 2008

Style Bytes

Hallo everyone,

Sorry for that lack of posts, but I've been very very busy lately. I've also been bummed out about a few things. I can't really post my new finds, new hats, feather headbands, outfits, nada. I still have not bought a new camera and I don't really like my sisters.

I was also bummed out about Project Runway. Did anyone else think Joe should have gone home?? I was actually really liking Stella too.

Lastly, politics is a little bit of a priority right now (and trust, some of it is a bummer too), as the conventions are coming to a close.

Anywho, a bit of good news. Remember miss Agathe? Well, get your fix HERE (thanks Ariel! check out her blog, Silk and Leather). It's not Style Bytes, but it's something. Enjoy your weekend everyone, hopefully I'll have something good for you soon.


Jen Paige said...

i was so mad that stella was voted off. it totally put me in a bad mood. i'm still bummed. and i was totally starting to dig and respect stella. it should have been joe, he is a house husb who should stick to making costumes for his daughters!

p.s. i have that very expensive canon digi camera. we never use it. and we got it for this blog, so use it!

Yadira said...

Ahahaha! House Husband, how funny!

Dude, whatcha doing this weekend?