Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Artificial Marketplace

A good friend of mine, Jared Vee, opened a "vintage retro" store in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  This store is so hot!  I am extremely jealous that I live on the other side of the country and cannot buy everything from there to decorate my new house!  Grrrrr.  

Mr. Vee, I miss you and am so proud of you and your lady!  Can't wait to come visit.

The Artificial Marketplace

104 William Street 
New Bedford, Massachusetts

(508) 997-4509

Open Everyday!

Cutest window displays!

I love this whole set up.

I want all of this for my dining room.

They sell stuff from local designers as well!

I want these chairs! Ah!

Dammit, Jared...  I love you!

If you live in MA, you need to go here.  

Check it out and spread the word, friends.


Yadira said...

Let's go to MA!!! Oh, my, the two brown leather chairs and the last two white ones are to die for! So jealous.

Jen Paige said...

tell me about it.
i think we should try to plan an east coast trip.
i haven't been since i was a kid.

Yadira said...

Dude, can we please go to Mexico this February? I have time share!!! I will take you, Dean and Josh on an awesome (and very relaxing) trip to Cancun. Pleeeese?

Jen Paige said...

i am so down for that. just let me know how much it will be, and how many days we'll go and we will actually do it. no joke. and this isn't like one of those time when i say we should do it because it would be amazing but not so realistic. lets make it happen!