Sunday, September 7, 2008

WTF, Wang?

Okay, for those of you who saw this post with no text, terribly sorry. I was so tired last night I could not even finish this. Speaking of last night, who else thought the MTV awards sucked ass? Britney's peps bought that show out. The only good thing was Russel Brand bagging on commitment rings.

Anywho, I'm not always a fan of Spring fashions, since I'm mostly a fall/winter kinda gal. Regardless, I went looking to see the latest and greatest. I was not surprised to be disappointed, but, damn, Alexander sucked balls.

Really though? Really? This is what you want us to wear? Not even the model looks good.

This shit looks like a crack head came out of the gym.

This is bad bad bad. Eighties bad. It looks like nothing fits the way it's supposed to.

Okay, I totally didn't want to hate on this dude, so I posted what I felt were the best from the show.

I like the tank top and pants. I can do without the Phelps head thingie though.

These next two outfits were the only outfits that looked put together. God, I hope there's something that knocks my socks off for Spring. Tomorrow, I'll post Boy from Band of Outsiders. Or maybe tonight, who knows. My sister has a laptop, so I can actually get more stuff done as I cook/eat/watch Bronson/etc. Besides, Kirsten Dunst looks really cute.


Jen Paige said...

wtf is right!
for reals.

Kate said...

totally dissapointing! boo, I'm not big on spring fashion either, I feel like I've barely cared to see what's going on this week.