Monday, July 28, 2008

Old school

Good afternoon! Well, because of a new development, I have had some serious thoughts about what I think will be the next trend and what not. All I could really do is go back and try to remember some of the ridiculous things I wore. It seems that the trends today are all inspired by the 80's and 90's. Duh. I'm sure everyone already knew that. I mean, fashion is so cyclical it shouldn't be that hard to come up with the next trend. But honestly, some of the crap I wore was fugly. And of alllll the trends and fashions that were a part of the 80's and 90's, which ones are really worthy of coming back? I'll have to look at some pictures to help me out with this one.

But anywho, one thing that has always remained awesome, regardless of the time period, is vintage. Even when I was a kid, I loved to go with my mom to the local goodwill and salvation army. Lately, some companies/brands have tried to "re-create" this vintage feeling. So, what's better? vintage or new? I think vintage wins every time. Just make sure you wash those polyester pants. Nobody wants crabs. Ewww.

Photo by irene_adler
Photo by themysterythatneverwas
Photo by kasia+vintage . I bet everyone wil have bat wings soon. On dresses, jackets, whatever. And capes! I will see everyone in capes, mark my words.
Photo by Skylark and Son

Photo by lielatoure . Pantsuit! I love love pantsuits! (I just can't wear them...sad face)
Photo by guiltyquilty . Um, overalls? Can somebody say early nineties?

Photo by vitamininmotion


Sophista-Funk said...

If I were a tall/lanky girl, I'd be all over that yellow pantsuit! It's the perfect shade... sigh.


Lily said...

wait a minute, is that me in photo no.2?

Lily said...

I don't mind at all!
Actually I'm very excited!
love your blog!

Yadira said...

Ah! Okay, good, glad to hear it!