Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For Jen

Hey love, I thought these might help with the decorating this Friday (Jen and I are going to start decorating her new place!).


Ixchel said...

I'm so jealous and glad you ladies are home owners!

I wish Kyle and I had a place of our own. I think the only way is for us to move to Sac! Owning a home in Los Angeles is so far fetched!

Porcelain Garden said...

You should totally move up here! I was only able to buy a house because I bought it in a not so nice area right outside of midtown sacramento (anything other than midtown/downtown sac pretty much sucks). Jen is lucky enough to live in midtown, but doesn't own her house. Either way, it's still pretty rad. You should come visit!

Jen Paige said...

yadi, i love these!
i'm so excited for friday.
sergio is going to be joining us when he gets off work at 2 (hi, sergio!).
we're moving everything in today so i'm hoping to get done with all the packing by tonight.
can't wait for you guys to see it.
i'm going to go take "before pictures" right now.

p.s. yadi, we're going to try and buy this house in a year or so. so we almost own it. we own it in the sense that it is ours and we get to do what we want to it.

p.s. ixchel, you totally should move to sac. its wonderful. as long as you appreciate it for what it is you'll love it. and i've lived in santa monica and san francisco. i prefer sac. well, only downtown. i would never live outside of downtown (sorry bff). i never want to move. come visit!

Ixchel said...

I wish we were able to relocate. Alas Kyle is a Graphic Designer, so we pretty much have to stay here! I'm so over Los Angeles...sigh...

Maybe next time I'm in San Francisco, I will venture up north and holler at you ladies!

Good luck decorating and moving, although you ladies don't need luck! You chicas have great taste!

Porcelain Garden said...

Thanks love! Whenever you come up, I'm sure we can always meet you in the city too. It will give us a great excuse to get outta here.