Friday, July 25, 2008

lucky ladies of wardrobe_remix

Lucky lasses. For one reason or another, I think these girls hit a jackpot.

Photo by sunshineupton : It's that dress. Totally got it at a flea market. Jackpot.

Photo by acatofimpossiblecolour : I don't know where the store "Valley Girl" is located, but she got really lucky a place like that carried such a cute dress. Jackpot.
Photo by strike.match : Everything is thrifted. Well, duh, Jackpot. That dress is something I bet someone would charge a pretty penny for.
And last but not least, photo by thelittlestn : having the vision to buy that necklace. It's not something anyone would normally buy, but to buy it and be able to actually still pull it off years after you've bought it: Jackpot.

1 comment:

desmitten said...

I love the 3rd dress! I would wear it in a minute! so fabulous, great idea to pair it with the dark tights... she can def take this look into fall!