Thursday, July 10, 2008

make me feel like I don't want to punch you in the face

Ahhhh!!!!photo by irana
If you are easily offended, then do not read this, as you might think I'm a complete bitch. You won't be half wrong, but yesterday I read something that kinda irked me. This person just made one of the stupidest comments ever and I wish I could punch them in the face for being so full of themselves. As of late, some of the girls (and some boys) in Sac are really starting to make me pissed. These girls are young (like, barely legal to drink), a few older, some are cute, but all annoying as fuck. They run around the bar and club scenes, thinking they own the place because they happen to be a part of something really awesome and fun. But guess what, you think you are the only one? You think you discovered some hidden secret? Nope. It's not like discovering an amazing band and claiming it all for yourself, getting mad when they go big. Sacramento is not a fucking band.

Then there are those that just moved here. I'm glad you love Sacramento. I loved it too, and I still do. Sacramento is small, in case you didn't know, so it's not hard to make friends quickly and have your own little crew, especially since most people are really down to earth. Don't think you're on the brink of a fucking revolution. Whatever happened to realizing you are integrating yourself into a community that has been thriving perfectly fine, way before you thought you were an important part of it?

Anyway, here are today's wardrobe_remixers. These two pictures are the ones that are going to prevent me from doing any face punching.

Photo by caroline. The only reason this pic makes me smile is that little girl. The other one is pretty fugly and so is her outfit.
Photo by Chynna Doll: What I wouldn't give to go to Santa Cruz right now and hang out with some very missed individuals. Especially with this heat of 108 today, all I want to do is hang out on an overcast beach with a sweater on and have some chai.


Ixchel said...

Amen!I feel your pain, unfortunately there is people like that everywhere, and it's getting old!

personally I'm tired of these hipster doofuses!

Jen Paige said...

thank you, sister!
it's about time someone said it how it is.
psh. they'll learn and they'll be humiliated.
just like i was. heh.

love ya, yadi.

Honeymoon said...

After Paris Fashion Week...Paris Urban Art ! Come to see this new post ! And thank u very much for ur comment !

See u !

WOLF said...

i'm curious of the story. anyway.
check this photog out. total inspiration: (film!)

John Adams said...

Two things:
1:all my mind registered was "some girl thats hotter than me was talking to my guy last night and he was a little too into it."

Sacramento actually IS a band:

Porcelain Garden said...

John Adams: first off, you sound like a douche.

1: "my guy" is my husband.

2: He talks to MANY girls, and regardless of whether or not they are "hotter than me" and he's never "into it".

3: I'm not that insecure, but thanks.