Friday, July 11, 2008

Green is the way to go, right?

Today, I woke up and the sun looked like a red light in the sky. It was completely overcast with smoke and looked like it was the middle of winter. So weird.

I wish this air would clear up soon. I heard on NPR this morning that, in November, we might be able to vote on an issue that I have been really passionate about: bullet trains! It looks like another one is up for vote. This time, instead of trying to create one from Sac to LA, there will be two, one from Sac to SF and one from LA to San Diego. This will not only help with pollution, but with a lack of funds for gas. photo by irana. Green hair. God, I wish I could.

Now, going green doesn't only have to apply to how you live, it can also apply to what you wear. I love that green purse! Photo by Face Hunter.
And the best way to go green is to go ride your bike. So, this weekend, go ride your bike! This girlie is ready to go with a cute bike and a cute outfit. photo by green laundry (see? more green)
So, although the air is probably not good for me, I'm gonna try to get back on my fixie this weekend. With Sparks, of course. Have a good weekend, dudes. Enjoy Second Saturday!

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