Sunday, July 13, 2008

so good, soo goood

photo by irana

These last couple of days, I've sat my friends down and made them watch this shit. It's sooo good! And even if you're not a pothead, you will still find this funny (as at least one of my co-workers did). So, click on the link, watch the 2nd video, then watch the first (the first is outtakes, which you may not get unless you watch another video first). I would totally link the webpage I got this from....but, I don't remember. ahahahah. I'm a retard.

Pot Psychology

Oh, yeah, the girl is super cute, has awesome clothes and accessories, and knows how to grow out her hair flawlessly. Furthermore, she totally looks like one of my homies.

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Kennedy said...

um yes! i just watched a million of those and she is adorable and awesome and just the best!