Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeling better

Good morning (or afternoon), dudes.

Hope you enjoy the post!

Photo by irana: lovely as always, this artist is rapidly becoming my favorite of recent discoveries. Hopefully, after this whole fiasco is over, I'll have some monies to pay for some prints.
Photo by Wunderbloc: Good god, Asian women are going to be the death of the rest of us. I'm telling you, they are the perfect girl, guard your men, ladies!
Photo by allthishappiness: Totally cute shorts, and thrifted too!
Photo by face hunter: What the fuck? Since when did Gwyneth Paltrow become uber hip? Pantsuit anyone?

Photo by lambandlynx: dude, I really need a pair of brown oxfords already. Photo by marcine (looks like she dropped "the queen" part, but she'll always be vintage royalty to me).
photo by science fiction double feature. Um, does anyone else see the uncanny resemblance to Ranna? But blonde?


Jen Paige said...

thats not gwyneth paltrow, is it?!

Yadira said...

oh, no no no....

but doesn't it totally look like it!?

Anonymous said...

that was a great first episode! my friends were disgusted by cher's trash bags, but the glove and galoshes guy who thought that was a look that was suited "for a night out" was my pick for sure. i love the teasy clips for the rest of the season. tim gunn is really going for it with "holla back atcha boy?" and the gay pteradactyl comment. that one girl (leanne, i think?) is cute and looks like charlotte gainsbourg and is from yuba city, to which i say she is already a winner because that place is fairly nasty. blog this every week if possible!

Porcelain Garden said...

I did think it was a pretty rad first episode too. I hope hope to blog about it every week, but who knows. Wait...isn't the girl you're talking about from Sac, and not yuba city? Maybe I'm confused. Either way, I think the girls are gonna kick ass this season. Not too impressed by any of the dudes, and that tanorexic butthole get's on my nerves. I hope he's next.

Ixchel said...

I really like her work as well. I wish I was able to get that ceramic cup, even better a whole dinner set! How cute would that be?!

Anyhow, yeah the Asian persuasion always seems to get it right! High-fives for them for inspiring many ladies out there!