Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mother fuckers. and Karl Lagerfeld

***EDIT*** this shit already went on sale! it's now like twenty bucks from $32. Old news. Sorry dudes, I'm behind.

So, if you're a broke ass like myself, looks like you'll still be able to afford a piece of the Chanel cake. Looks like Urban is putting out a Karl T-shirt, with ugly pony tail, stupid glasses and played out gloves included. It's probably the only thing I could ever afford of theirs.

Now, I have never bought anything Chanel, not that I wouldn't want to, they do have some good stuff, but I can never afford to. Well, about a year and a half ago, my mom surprised me with a very rare and vintage pair of Chanel glasses, much like the one's I posted yesterday on MK's face. I would love to show you ladies pics, but my house was broken into yesterday and among the things those fuckers stole was my camera. Sigh.

Just image them on my fat little face.


Jen Paige said...

your house was broken into???
what the f?
call me.

Honeymoon said...

Let's exchange links ! Thank u for ur kindness !

See u !

desmitten said...

im sorry that you were broken into... but at least they didnt take the glasses! but it sucks, im sorry.

Porcelain Garden said...

honeymoon, thank you for reading, but I almost feel like you are not really READING the posts and only want to increase your reader base. Fair enough, though. Maybe I'll link you soon.

Desmitten: thank you for your kind words. Yeah, I'm pretty happy they didn't take the glasses too. Hopefully I'll be able to show them to you guys soon.

Cheryl said...

Good for people to know.