Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh, yeah! Project Runway

Okay, so, I'm sure hella of you watched the season premier of PR, right? Does anyone else want Stella to go fucking home already?

Look at her. Being all negative and shit. It's depressing....

She TOTALLY reminds me of Debbie Downer! Every time the camera pans or jumps to her, I can just hear the "ho-hum" music of the SNL skit coming on. Take some prozac already, jeez.

On a positive note, I loved LOVED Heidi's belt. I smell a F21 jump ooofffffff~!!!

Oh! and don't forget, ABDC is on tonight. I'm still sticking to my b-boys.


Jen Paige said...

the belt?? i LOVE the dress!

Yadira said...

I loved the dress too, but I think that the belt was so refreshing to see. I haven't seen a plastic belt like that in ages!

And I'm just so tired of the waist belts made of stretchy fabric with a clasp in the middle, ya know? Dude, don't forget about ABDC! when does Dean get back?

Jen Paige said...

dean gets back late late monday.
though, i'm prolly going to be in finding till wednesday.
i have level 1 of certification at work and i am STRESSIN'!!
good lord. i am for sure going to press wednesday night.