Wednesday, July 2, 2008

From accross the pond and then some

I couldn't find a picture of Kate Moss at Glastonbury this year. Everyone always makes a big ass fuss about what she's wearing and basically say she's forecasting the next trend. Well, I never really cared before (and kinda still don't), but after seeing last years picture of the high heels and PVC pants, I'm more curious than anything. I did, however, find some other interesting ladies....

Anna: everything is pretty much, "yeah, okay, seen that before", but that vest is pretty fucking sweet. It's like a pouffy ugly vest you find at the thrift store, but the way she wears it it looks like it came with sleeeeves! Lilly Allen and Becky: I don't like either outfit. As a matter of fact, I hate Allen's outfit. But watching her accept her award [for something, I don't remember] all drunk off her ass, man, that made me love her. Hermione: This outfit makes me want to name my daughter Hermione. Fur coat (sorry vegans), double knits on her legs and that hair. Yum. But I bet her shoes looked like shit at the end of the day. Not very smart to wear those, but at least they look good.
Kelly Osbourne! No joke, I think she looks good.
Pixie Geldof: I don't know if I believe that's her real name. If so, with an outfit like that, she has got to be one of the luckiest girls ever.
Amba: typical clothes, but it doesn't negate the fact that she still looks cute. It's probably alot harder than it looks to look like you didn't spend a good minute deciding what to wear, but she pulls it off.

Alexa Chung: yeah yeah yeah, I love her too. But goddam girl, with all your monies, why you still wearing the same outfit we saw you in last year? What? Did you not find anything good at topshop? Quick note: Jens hubby, Dean, who's bestie roomed with Mrs. Chung, basically said she's a brat and has no sense of style and only wears whatever topshop tells her to (I'm sure that's not the case, but I get his point). Now, I only kinda believe it, but I still think she's a total hottie.
Okay, this is from Hoy Fashion. She kinda reminded me of yesterday's post, no?

The Sartorialist: the girl on the left has everything I want, gold sandals, the glasses I lost, the hair I'm trying to achieve by the end of the year, layers, and well, a skinny ass body. Makes me want to punch her in the face.
Okay, now, I couldn't find a picture for this next one, but see that bag? I want it! It's from the Dior Fall '08 collection and I'm sure it costs more than I still owe on my student loan. ugh.
Last but not least, I was on Desmitten and I saw this. It's the new collection from three Canadian sisters and it's called Beckerman. I want that damn cardigan. Anyone wanna donate to the "get Yadira cute cardigans" fund?
Alright, kids, have a good day. See ya tomorrow.


Ixchel said...

Yadira, that post was great. It was a learning experience. I didn't who some of those ladies were. All those pretty frocks! I wish I had a trust fund, but I barely have enough money for essentials!

I'm pissed I'm not as skinny as the girl in the blue dress. Food is just too hard to say no to! I really need to start using that Bender Ball I purchase from an infomercial (I know, I'm a chump) but I heard good things..

Okay I have rambled on!

Thank You!

Shaz said...

"makes me wanna punch her in the face" lol, i'll join you!

but the british have the quirkist style

Yadira said...

shaz: they totally do. I absolutely get blown away when face hunter is in london.

ixchel: Thanks and you're welcome! you know I always appreciate your feedback.


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Yadira said...

style and the city: Thank you so much! I am always so flattered when someone else finds my rambling even half entertaining. And, as many other's have implied, I wouldn't mind being a part of that mag! Thanks again.