Tuesday, July 1, 2008

grande soy, no foam, Chai, please.

So, as you all know, Target has that Go line crappola, where they bring in a new designer to design a ready to wear, cheap, line of clothes. Well, up next is Richard Chai. Here, each picture is about $90, or so I'm told by Nylon. Whatever. Who has ever heard of an outfit costing almost 100 bucks from Target before? Not me. While I'm not feeling the fact that the clothes are that expensive, I do wonder how much it would be if it was sold at H&M, for example. Probably alot more. So, instead of complaining, I'm just going to start thinking about what single piece I really like, since that's all I'm going to be able to afford. Let's see..... Vest? Top? Or skirt? The skirt looks pretty cute, but the vest and top are damn cute. I was just talking to my friend Jackie yesterday about the color purple and how much I don't really like it. Well, looks like I'm going to change my mind. I'm totally digging the vest and top.
Jacket. Eh. I can probably find something similar at delias, forever 21 or H&M, without necessarily having to say I got it from Target. Pass.
Cardigan? Top? Or skirt? Well, all three are pretty damn cute, but that cardigan! Gawd, I'm a sucker for a good cardigan.
Jacket? Top? or shorts? Pass pass pass. Nothing worth spending that much on. Next!
Blazer? Top? Or shorts again. Again, pass on all three. While the blazer is something that looks well made and structured, it's white. And I would never wear it during the summer, cuz, well, it's hot. And once winter comes by, I always get so dirty in the winter for some reason. I know that white blazers can look soooo good, but I would rather buy something else. Don't forget, I'm trying to narrow this shit down.....
Skirt? Top? or the vest? Again, the top and the vest. They look comfortable and versatile.
Jeans? Cardigan? or top? The jeans and cardigan! I saw a pair of similar purple jeans at F21 for cheaps, but they fit kinda funky and gave me a muffin top (something I have to work on, but still, most of my pants help me hide that), so these might be worth buying if they are flattering. And the cardigan, something I know I can wear for days and days.
Top? or shorts? Ugh. neither. That top, ugh, something I would have seen anywhere last year. And shorts, they don't look anything special. Maybe once I see them in person and try them on I'll change my mind.
So...so far I can't decide between the tank tops, the vests or the cardigans. We'll see once they come in. If any of you buy anything, lemme know!
bye for now, all this talk of Chai made me thirsty....


desmitten said...

I love everything in this collection, I was very disappointed by Rogan... so boring, but looking forward to Chai! (I am actually drinking chai right now, how ironic!) In the 3rd photo down I'm pretty sure that is a dress that only costs $50, I saw it in a magazine this month... I will be purchasing that as soon as it hits Target! Unfortunately there is no Target in Manhattan so I will have to venture to Jersey... ughh

Yadira said...

Is that a dress? Oh, I thought it was a skirt. yeah, I heard about this so-called $50 dollar dress. So, no Target in Manhattan....now, I'm not from the east coast and I've never been lucky enough to go there, but is there no Target in Manhattan and one in Jersey because of the income difference? Just wondering. Oh! and after you buy it, I would love to see a pic!