Thursday, July 3, 2008

green with envy

Good morning, ladies and gents. Today I'm looking forward to doing...nothing. I can't wait to start off the long weekend. However, I still have not gone thrifting for a dress and gift for my friends wedding. Wish me luck.

Moving on, here are two outfits that had me jealous I don't have many green or floral dresses. Since the weather has cooled down a bit (more like 80's instead of 100's), both of these would be great when strolling downtown, bubble tea in hand.

Photo by: marquise Photo by: strike.match


Ixchel said...

I have a dress similar to the top green one, only it's black. My aunt gave it to me, it's so old!

I've never worn it because I don't think I can pull it off. Saving it for a day I feel worthy of it.

speaking of weddings! I have two wedding to attend this Summer. My mom is making me my dresses, but I still have no idea what I want exactly!

what is appropriate and pretty for a Summer wedding?


Yadira said...

Well, every summer looks different, due to the trends that are out, but I feel like the things that are common are light colors (they don't always have to be pastels, but blacks, browns, greys, etc, are all bad ideas), light fabrics and shorter cuts. So, for this summer, something similar to the floral dress shown is perfect. Have fun at the weddings! eat lotsa cake!

Amanda said...

Hi Yadira!!, me ha gustado mucho tu blog, también yo practico mi inglés con blog como el tuyo.
¡¡Gracias por dejarme tu comentario!!.

I love the taste for fashion that you have

¡¡Un beso grande desde España!!
A big kiss from Spain!!

Ragamala said...

I see that you live in sacramento! my dad does business there regularly, and I never know where to shop! any suggestions?

Shaz said...

ooohhhhh toooooooo cute! i love the floral dress with the stockings!

Yadira said...

ragmala: Well, if ever I go shopping, and I don't head to f21 due to time restraints, I love to hit the surrounding thrift shops. There are soo many that have really great things, though, like any thrift shop, you have to dig around. But if you love the unique-ness of a thrift shop, without the hassle, and don't mind forking over a few more bucks, I strongly suggest Cuffs Urban Apparel and Bows and Arrows. Both carry hella good thrift store finds. Cuffs is on J street, between 25 and 26th and Bows and Arrows is on L and 17th. Hope that helps!

terren said...

i'm so so jealous. that second dress! it's so perfect.

Sophista-Funk said...

I really like the first dress.