Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the feminine mystique

Good morning, ladies (and gents, hi Sergio)! I missed you guys yesterday. Sorry for not posting, I was feeling a bit under the weather. Anywho, today there's no real theme, except that all the girls look so feminine and soft. Also, I did something that I normally don't like to do, post two pictures from the same contributor to wardrobe_remix. The thing was, both her pictures were too damn adorable to pass up. Without further ado, here are my favorite wardrobe_remixers. Enjoy.

This photo and the next by: stinkymarissa.
The first one looks so comfy. Vintgage mom's T-shirt and linen pants make me want to take a ride in a VW bug to Janis Joplin.

here, the floral we see everywhere look so effortless.
Photo by: bric a brac and herring bone. That parasol is soo cute. I have two, but I'm never confident enough to sport them, especially where I live now, where the only thing people like to sport are their gang signs. Sigh.
Photo by: greenlaundry. Once again, the 90's floral I tried to forget. Oh, well, back to the fifth grade I go! Does anyone remembering wearing black floral prints in a pants jumpsuit?! Please say yes so I'm not the only one who wore those!

Photo by: Madeleine Elizabeth. I love this! I just love big loose hangie sweaters. With the thing being high waisted shorts and high waisted skirts, it kinda sucks for girls like me that don't necessarily find trying to hide their wide hips and no ass, fun. Because of my body type, I've always favored the hippie loose fitting clothes that Mary-Kate made so popular a few years back.

Photo by: Persephassa.
Photo by: riberty. Dress made into a skirt. Simple and cute.


Ixchel said...

I still need to get some sandals for Summer... All these ladies look so exquisite!

Jen Paige said...

i have those sandals in the last picture and i wear them everyday to work. they are my favorite! even though they are extremely popular right now, and i would like to pretend i am that i am the only one in Sac who has them... but that is not realistic. so get them!

Ixchel said...

Oh yes Jen. I'm getting some this weekend. I really do need them, Summer dresses just look so good with that style of sandal!