Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Home

Hey guys, I know it has been a while since I have posted something. There is a couple reasons for this. 1) unlike some people *cough*yadira*cough* I don't have the luxury of being paid to be on the computer all day reading blogs and such. And unlike some people I don't have time to post multiple blogs per day. So, I apologize for not being as good of a blogger as my bff Yadi.

Okay well, my husband Dean and I have been looking for a bigger place to move into for months now and have had no luck. But now we have a dead line... his parents are coming over to visit from London, and guess what guys, this is my first time meeting them (AH!)! They come over in the beginning of August, so we need to get into a bigger place so that they will actually have a place to sleep.

i love moving. I love unpacking and setting everything up and painting. So I am really excited. I have all these ideas of how i want things to look. I have the living room, dining room, kitchen and yard planned out though I can't seem to think of anything for the bedrooms.

Here are some things I found...

Ideally I would absolutely love to have a closet like Carrie Bradshaws in Sex and the City the Movie. But lets be honest... that will never happen. This is a little more realistic.

How cute is this?? Awe man.

I saw this spread in Domino when it came out. Actually when I found it my original thought was to show it to Yadira because it reminded me of her husband, Josh. I have the clippings in a scrap book and I wish I could find more than this one online. I have always wanted to have stripes in one of my rooms. It would be an easy way to spice up a room!

I just like the colours in this one...

When I lived in San Francisco I painted my living room this colour and it was perfect! Although at the time I was a single lady in a big city and now being married in the valley it wouldn't be that appropriate.

i would love to have a patio like one of these!

How cosy does this look??

I think this side table is amazing, one of my favorite colours too!

I have always wanted to have a black painted kitchen like this.

Imagine taking a bubble bath in this, mhmmmm...

I want this headboard! For some reason I have always wanted to have a a swordfish mounted on a wall.

I have also decided that wall decals are the new thing. Especially if you are renting! I absolutely love them. Here are a few I have had my eye on.

I know the whole flock of birds thing is kinda emo and over played, but imagine them in black in the corner of a wall. Cute!

My husband and I love maps, we have then all over our flat so this is great!

A zebra decal! It's pretty awesome. That's all I have to say about this one.

This one is just elegant.

This one would be so cute on the wall above the kitchen counter.

This is gorgeous!

Oh yeah! And this is the couch that we bought. LOVE it!

On another note I'm sad to say that the days of The Party Time Cruiser have come to an end. For those of you who don't know I have a PT Cruiser the Josh (Yadira's husband) named "The Party Time Cruiser." This is the car we decided on, it's economical and relatively inexpensive. The Honda Fit!

So there it is. Now I just need a house to put it all in. Off to house hunting!


Yadira said...

dude. I love the honda fit. Iris let me drive it all night the night of Josh's art show and although the shape is kinda gay, it's actually fun to drive. Get it!!!

i think thats hauttte said...

those are inspiringgg pictures! how does your friend get paid for bloggign

Yadira said...

Well, i think that's hauttte, it's not that I get PAID to blog, necessarily, but I do have a job where I am on the computer all day, and during breaks and lull moments, that's when I try to squeeze in as much information as I can. Sorry to get your hopes up!

Jen Paige said...

yeah... i should have specified. sorry.