Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Happens in Vegas

Quick note. What Happens in Vegas kinda sucked. I mean, yeah, there were some funny parts, but that was pretty much it. I laughed out loud, about I'd say, four times. The whole fucking movie was a stupid cliche and Cameron Diaz looked like a buff tanorexic. Her biceps were bigger than her boobs (I'm not hating on small boobies), but it was gross and she looked more scary than do-able and when her and Ashton have a "romantic" kiss at the end, they practically eat each other's face off and.....and I'm rambling....

En-neee-way, it wasn't all that good so don't waste your money unless you're going with your best friend to the drive-ins and have some decent stuff (I can't just bust myself out, even though I think I just did), and it's girls night and you're really just hanging out and watching a chick flick. Cuz then it's okay.

I don't really like Ashton, but I didn't mind watching him be kind of an asshole to Cameron Diaz with his shirt off. Just to let you know.

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Anonymous said...

I sort of had so low expectations for the movie - I thought it was really funny and better than I had thought. The serious parts were really stupid, of course, but there is nothing more I would expect from a comedy. All in all, it was a girl's night out, and I really had fun watching. The whole audience did too, obviously.