Friday, June 20, 2008


(Edit: Ooops, it's not "Next", it's "Best". I'm an idiot)

No fashionie
crap today. I'm sure you guys all watched America's Best Dance Crew last night? If you didn't, get up on that shit. I usually don't geek out on shows at all. America's Next Top Model? Eh, sometimes, if a marathon is on. The Office? Maybe, if I remember to watch it. Top Chef? Yes, but then I get all hungry. Pretty much the only show I watch on a daily basis are reruns of the Colbert Report and the Daily Show, only because I don't like to stay up to watch the new ones. Anywho, I think I'm geeking out on ABDC. Why? Holy crap, dancing ninjas to James Brown???!!!!! With stripie socks??!! Do I need to say more?

Now, while the ninjas fucking rock, there is one group that Josh loathes. And I mean, he haaaates these guys! All last night he just prayed and prayed that Fanny Pack would get booted off. Alas, they didn't. I think he hates them so much because all they do is shop at Urban, wear fanny packs, have suckie kitschy dance moves and "they look like every fucking dork we see out that is trying too hard". He gets that they are trying to be over the top, but they still suck. Disagree? Well, who do you think was the best and worst?

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