Monday, June 23, 2008

manic monday

Ugh! horrible Monday. So tired. I spent all day Friday in the hot sun of Vallejo at Six Flags, then out to the movies (see previous post). All day Saturday, Josh and I tried to survive the heat. Since our AC broke on Thursday, we have not been able to comfortably stay at home. Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have been invited over to my friend Jen's house, which has a swimming pool. Still, I feel the life sucked out of me.

Thankfully, I can find uplifting and inspiring women on the Internet. Here are a few:

Turbans! see? they're not that crazy. Everyone should try wearing one this summer. Photo by The Sartorialist. I want these damn shorts already. Photo by Style Sightings.

Now, I'm not a big fan of the hat, or anything else, really. But I love that T-shirt. Sometimes a T-shirt can make or break the outfit. Lucky for this girl, she's got a cute T-shirt. Photo by idhren.
Gawd. I love everything about this outfit. The shirt underneath the dress, the dress itself, her hair bow (I think that's what it is), her colorful tights. Good work, La Meow!
While I would not be caught dead wearing this (It's like a hundred degrees), it looks sooo comfy and cute! Photo by night.owl.
I don't know why, but whiteapple reminds me of sherbet tone. Maybe it's just the lighting of the photo, but I also think it's the awesomeness of her pieces. Any piece alone would make a great outfit.

Here, I love the way aeccrnticgirl mixes and matches.
These shorts! They're going to haunt me forever. Photo by craftycow. Photo by everybodyisugly.
Photo by fraulein julia
This shit is crazy. I love her for having the balls to wear this. And she looks cute too. Photo by greta*grenada

And this of course, is a totally cute outfit. I just love how her belt looks like it came with that dress. Perfect.

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Ixchel said...

I'm about to go on a photo adventure, and I might just die out there!

this weather is the pitts!


the_kitten said...

Sooo inspiring! Great picks!!!

Yadira said...

ixchel, I wanna see pics soon, girl! Get those posted!

the_kitten, agreed! I saw all these and realized I need to step my game up. agh!

babyfoot said...

i drove by marineworldafricau.s.a. on friday (on my way to ugly dog contest in petaluma) and the joint was BANGIN'. there were a million cars in the lot.
it amazes me that people look at so many wardrobe remix photos. after all this time, i have gotten so lazy and picky i scan the names instead of photos. weird method. plus it looks like im passing up some excellent outfits.
this heat is sick and wrong.i'm roughin' it.

Wendy said...

Great picks, I have lots of ideas now!

Yadira said...

babyfoot, the heat is pretty bad, but the park was suprisingly not crowded. It was less crowded than Disney Land, which doesn't say much, that place is bananas. As for my abundance of time to look at wardrobe remix, well, I'm in front of a PC all day. So sad. But yeah, a lot of outfits out there that I almost missed. No worries, I'll do the filtering for ya.


Fashion Is Poison said...

these are some rad pics

Yadira said...

fashion is posion: thanks! come back for more....