Tuesday, June 24, 2008

bright red

Today the sun was bright red when I woke up, due to all the fires surrounding the area (something about dry lighting, WTF? What does that even mean!?). It reminds me of Mexico in May, when the farmers around my dad's small home town burn all their lands to prepare for the summer thunder storms. But here, it just means bad news. With the heat and the air like this, it makes me look forward to Fall (the Topshop fall collection doesn't help either). But, alas, summer is here for some time. Which is why I would DIE to have any of these dresses. Although the Fall '08 collections are already all over the runways, I'm still stuck on Rue du Mail's spring collection. Here are some of my favorites.


chelsea wolfe said...

i just spotted this pic of yadi in my friend's pictures and it is most adorable:

red sky is odd. and dramatic. i hate it. poor california, burning up. :(

i like the second dress down. cut is great. and i secretly love light pink.


Yadira said...

Hey, boo!

Long time no see. Yeah, did you hear Monterey and other areas are on fire!?

I ssecretly love light pink too. Oh, Chelsea, I miss State Net. How horrible is that?