Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sometimes, less can be more. This post isn't necessarily about less, but more about keeping it simple. It lets the eye focus on what's truly important in an outfit. It also makes sure that you, the wearer, aren't over-looked.

Photo by persephassa: What's important? That amazing pattern. So, why clutter it up with anything else? No accessories and simple, cute shoes.

Photo by Face Hunter: This girl is effin cute. Like a cuter and edgier version of Natalie Portman (Ugh, I can only wish). So, why fuck something up that's already perfect? Jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket...and that hair. That's the only thing this girl needs to make sure you focus on that perfect face.

Photo by olivialocher: Here, I dunno...this picture just looks so free of a crappy pose that it just makes you focus on the clothes (ooooh, that rhymes). I love the fact that each piece is simple and unique, and when put together, looks like a total catastrofuck. In a good way.


elizabeth said...

its so weird...i kind of feel like the outfit on the last girl is like, sorta busted but..she is so pretty and totally nonchalant that i LOVE IT. seriously, attitude goes such a long way.

Yadira said...

yeah, that's what I thought. I saw this and was like.."wtf, this shit is ugly", but the way she put it together and her face, well, it just happens to work. Everytime I try to put on a "nonchalant" look, I end up looking like a retard who's angry. Oh well. How's Spain??