Thursday, June 26, 2008

brown is the new black

Tomorrow, the all black issue of Vogue Italia hits the news stands. Inside, you will find the beautiful Sessilee Lopez, Lilya Kebede, Arlenis Sosa Pena, Naomi Campbell, Alek Wek, Alva Chin, Gail O'Neil, Iman, Kiara Kabukuru, Karen Alexander, Tyra Banks, Veronica Webb, Yasmin Warsame, Pat Cleveland, Chanel Iman, and America's Next Top Model contestant Toccara Jones. At least this is what I have read. This is a great milestone in modeling, as the last few years have been tough, considering weight issues and issues of racial discrimination.

Arlenis Sosa Pena
(who couldn't even get a translater for a piece om racial discrimanation...yeah, smells like retarded to me.)

Liya Kebede
Sessilee Lopez
Also showing some more color and jumping on the ethnic bandwagon, Harper's Bazaar Korea will feature three georgeous Korean women on it's cover, Lee Hyun Yi, Han Hye Jin, and Daul Kim. Now, I now it's not saying much, since the Vogue issue is Italian and the Bazaar issue is from Korea, but still. This may just be the next fad, kinda like "Safari" print was cute for a second (come on, even Old Navy carried "Safari print" crapola), and even if it is, I'm still thankful for it. My skin color may just be the next coveted thing, and while given the lifespan of a trend, it will fade out in no time, at least we brownies get our five minutes of fame. I do hope, however, that it is not just a trend that will pass with time, but something that will open the eyes of the world and make everyone realize that beauty comes in many colors. I mean, come on.....My skin color finally being "haute"? yes please.


Customer said...
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the_kitten said...

I believe there is no "trend"wave to be needed to assure you that your skin color is most beautiful. No matter what fashion says. Moreover, I suppose it is rather stupid to make an "ethnicity" to a mere trend item, too. I am not an IT-bag. I stay.

Ixchel said...

The_Kitten you are absolutely correct, I feel the same way!

Yadira said...

Yes, the_kitten, you are correct, we are not IT bags! but I still feel that the focus on diversity should stay. I guess I should have said that I hope DIVERSITY is not a trend. We, brownies, may not be in the spotlight for very long, because the spotlight is always moving, always searching for the next IT thing, and I'm pretty sure that the spotlight will move away from black models, but I hope that diversity stays in the forefront. Know what I mean?

And trust, I know my skin is damn gorgeous, as yours is as well!

Ragamala said...

I really hope magazines become more diverse, i think it makes magazines a lot more interesting to read and a lot more relatable.