Thursday, June 19, 2008

late update

Mkay, here are some more pictures from this last weekend. This is Jason. He also had work shown at Body Tribe. You can't really see it, but that little yellow painting on the left was bought by my little sister. I forgot what it said, but it went something like "OMG! Is this Selena? I got so excited I spilled my salsa!". I dunno, it was really cute.
Here's Josh again. Before he got really wasted. The New Humans played a pretty rad set. The Sammies are coming up. Go vote!

Robbie and Company: AKA, drunk retards. Can you see how drunk Josh is at this point? Pretty funny.
Jen and Dean, or as I like to call them, "Jean", in front of a group of rowdy boys from out of town. I'd tell you their names, but then I'd have to kill you....
Dan and Jamie.

This was from Friday. Fuck Friday's had a Safari theme, and, instead of going all sand-colored-white-girl on your ass, I decided to play with the more native inspired look. Can I use that word, "native", without sounding like an ass??
I made both the dress and the turban. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

I couldn't take a decent picture cuz Josh kept making me laugh. Sarcastic husbands don't make for good photographers. Just to let you know.

Anywho, I was trying to take a picture of my hair, to show how red it had gotten. The reason? To make myself feel better for wanting to dye it black again. Jen, if you're reading this, I'm sorry....but I did dye it. I just have hair A.D.D!

Better proof that it was hella red. And that I'm a total dork in the bathroom.


Ixchel said...

As my dad would say.."chu look gud mayne".

p.s. I like the turban and the dress! But I would like it better worn as individuals! And shussh about decent photographs of yourself! Babes like you cannot take bad pictures!

Yadira said...

Thanks love! yeah, a friend of mine said that both together was a bit much. But I guess I was so excited to have made both THAT DAY, that I just had to wear them.

Your dad talks like my dad. Minus the "mayne". Mine says "meeja" instead.

Anonymous said...

mannnn. that line was wretched and it smelled like a circus had tramped through town. couldn't wait it out.
but hey, your turban/dress combo was superb. don't remember much of the outfits from the line but ff is definitely a time to go all out.

i saw the new humans last night and thought the first song intro was just a bit long, but then i realized there were no lyrics and it was refreshing and fun.

Yadira said...

ahahahaha! That is too funny, "...was wretched and it smelled like a circus had tramped through town..." Was it that horrible? Yeah, probably. That alley stinks.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I really do appreciate it. Thanks for reading, too.

I wanted to go to Press last night too, but I could't find the energy to drive downtown. I'm glad that you like them though. I hear ya on the no lyrics thing. Took me by surprise the first time I heard them too.

Jen Paige said...

yadira, that friend of yours that told you it was too much was ME! hello, your bff. and HELLO, your bff (who teaches hair for a living) does your hair for free so what the hells?

manz you crazy!

i miss you.

also, tonight is my friday and i was in such a good mood to go out and party and guess what... there is absolutely nothing going on. dont chya loooove sacramento??

i miss you.

Yadira said...

OH, BFF, I miss you too! And yes, yes, I know, I shoulda had you do my hair, but I just couldn't wait!!!! and the hair dye was hella cheap (which I know isn't necessarily a good thing), but you were at work, and it was tuesday and I knew I wouldn't see you till today, at which point all I want to do is hang out. And yes, Sac sucks sometimes, but we can make the most of it. I'll probably be home tonight around five (I forgot to tell you I'm going to six flags today with work), so I'll call you when I'm in town.


Kennedy said...

Um you look amazing. That must be nice to look perfect everyday. <3

Yadira said...

Ha! too cute. Thanks, but if anyone knows what it's like to always look good, I expect that to be you.