Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rodarte revisited

So, side note: I saw that Rodarte sequined skeleton dress in person on New Years......


Sorry to all those who bought it and to those who missed out, well, you didn't miss a thing.

I spent over a hundred bucks on a pair of jeans for new years, only to not wear them. I still looked hella fine (you bet I did, belly and all), but maternity clothes still has a long long long way to go.


Equine Bovine said...

Gotta say, it was not a 'woo hoo' moment for me when I laid eyes on Rodarte. Plus , every Target I went to had only a few select pieces in a random sizes. The only item I really wanted to possibly buy was the Skelly dress. Havent seen it yet. I really don't care any more to find it.

Equine Bovine said...
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Yadira said...

I saw the skelly dress today after seeing it the other night. Definitely not the quality I had expected. I also saw the mustard skirt and I would buy it, but like you said, it was only available in random sizes (mostly large and x-large). I'm still in love with the slip dress I got, but since I'm preggers, I haven't been able to try it on.

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