Friday, January 1, 2010

So, I've never gotten anything from ModCloth, but my sister offered to buy me something online for Christmas (she's stationed in Japan, so it's kinda hard for her to go shopping right now). Here are some of the things I have my eye on. I just can't decide......

Always blue shoes $32.99
Picture Book Dress $74.99
Reflection Dress in Yellow $54.99 (I think this one's my Favorite)
In Living Color Dress $47.99
Featherweight Dress $84.99
Easel on the Eyes Dress $34.99
Deductive Reasoning Dress $49.99
Attic Adventure Dress $39.99

4 comments: said...

Happy New Year 2010.

Jen Paige said...

i would choose "deductive reasoning dress," i love loose minis.

"in linving color dress" perfect title. looks to a T!

i think you would wear "picture dress," or, like you said, "reflection dress" you would wear all the time. do it!

Jen Paige said...


Porcelain Garden said...

Jen! so I actually got the deductive reasoning dress you mentioned...can't try it on just yet but I can't wait! Also got the shoes and they are freaking awesome. Only thing that sucks is that my foot grew a bit, so they fit a little tight. Hopefully they shrink back up. Miss you!