Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wants and needs

I want more money! I need to start making dresses again (this one looks hand made and super easy and cute).

I have pants just like this. I need to fix them already.

I want to be able to rock a bandeau top! I need to workout....
I need to wear more of my giant bows....cuz I want to look as hot at this bitch.
I need these pants! And those shoes! I need, I need!
I want to go thrift store shopping. Which is probably wear this cutie got that awesome "marc" hat.


Jen Paige said...

we could totally make that first dress. hella.

i love my acid wash jeans. shirt looks comfy.

hear ya on the bandeau top! hello 24!

i LOVE this shirt.

dean has shoes just like those.

you would like that hat!

i wov wov wov you.

Ixchel said...


I feel the same way, yadi.