Wednesday, May 6, 2009

meet me at the met

alot of pics out there of the gala. not alot of stuff that blew me away. a little disappointed, but here are my faves.


this is the worst. kate really looked like crap. and i love kate.

lady looks tough.

what jessica biel wished she looked like:
always an olsen on the list.

my absolute fave:


Niviarsiaq said...

Hey! you're from Sac! I'm from Sac too! Awesomeness! Oh and I found this other girl from Charmicheal-

Your blog seems pretty cool! I love it when I find other Sac fashion bloggers! It's like finding a hidden gem =) lol

Porcelain Garden said...

Hello fellow Saramentian! Thanks for the link and I love your blog!