Wednesday, January 7, 2009

you like that shit

if you liked the post below, then check out these sweet ass leggings, available on sale at express.


Crave said...

these rock....would have to prob resemble a gazelle to look good in them though. sadly my 5'1'' frame cannot pull them off! oh i envy my long legged friends!

Yadira said...

dude, tell me about it! But I still want them sooo bad. I'll prolly end up falling from not looking where I'm going since I'll be too busy looking at my own legs.

Jen Paige said...

when these first went on sale i was putting my order through when dean caught me midway through purchase and stopped me saying "are you fucking crazy?? you can't spend $60 on tights! Jennifer, c'mon."

oh i'll get them!

(they reminded me of our idea, yads...)