Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Urban Dreaming

The future is here:

swap those super small t-shirts & fitted tops for a loose oversized shirt!!!
trust me, it'll change your life... not to mention they're easily made out of the survivoring t-shirts you and i BOTH have from the baggy, 90s era.

this cardigan is to DIE for!!

this jacket is too adorable to not comment on.

alright, for those of you, like myself, who can't fully let go of that wonderfully slim fitted silhouette we have grown so accustomed too, here are some delicious pieces:

for the ladies..

for the dandy..

Ok, i love both items below, with all my heart. they are from Yurkievichs latest collection that combines aspects of the avant-garde with functionality.. close to flawlessly. Jen/Yadi you MUST make me the sweater on the right... i know one of you tow can!!

well, who can pass up a supple alligator skin purse!? (i know, i'm a horrible vegetarian, but my moral compass disappears when it comes to clothes)



Yadira said...

fucking a. that shit is cuuute.

Jen Paige said...

keep dreamin'!
yadi and i can barely finish a scarf let alone a whole mens jumper.
if only i still had that knitting machine...

yes. a jumper.

Endless Mike said...

That girl is a babe.