Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Neck Warmers, Beanies and Tights

I love etsy. You love etsy. Everyone loves etsy. Alot of the stuff I see on there, I've made before. So I was thinking, should I join etsy?

Here's the gorgeous Jen wearing one of my neck warmers from last year.
And here's another one, along with a beanie I made. I loved this cowl neck warmer so much that I was almost sad when I sold it.
Well, I think I'm going to be making more! Photo by Face Hunter.
Now, this little head piece I've had saved in my picture album for almost a year, and I still don't know who made it. I've tried searching for "boog" with no avail. I wish I could make it, but since I just started crocheting a little over a year ago, I'm not quite there yet. Can anyone help!?
Photo by Wunderblock. Predictions of things to come. Grey layers and big beanies.
This, I don't know where I got it from (sorry), but I wanted to give you another example of adorable colorful tights.
Photo by Face Hunter. Awesomeness by this girl.


Jen Paige said...

yeah, we need to get a knittin'. i'm going to make more of those giant scarfs. which i'm pretty excited about. come get yarn, i have hella. can't wait to start up our craft nights again. dean's going to start converting the garage into our sewing room as soon as i get paid. i'm so excited! it will be so nice, i'll make you a key!

Jen Paige said...

p.s. i love those rose coloured tights.
i must have!