Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keeping Up

Good evening ladies.

Sometimes, we have time to go through all the bulletins on the 'space' and sometimes we don't. Well, I'm glad I had some time today. Look at all the awesome dresses being sold at Mama Stone Vintage!

This one is the one I want. Hey, it's my birfday in a month....anyone wanna get me an early gift? No? Well, I thought I would at least ask...

This one really caught my eye too. My mom used to make me dresses when I was between the ages of four to ..erm, I'd say about nine. Some of them, not so cute. But all of them totally eighties! (I'm 25) This gorgeous blooming beauty is EXACTLY like a few of those she made. Mom, thanks for always keeping me looking awesome. Or at least making me think I looked awesome. This may not be so cute, but it brings back so many memories.


Jen Paige said...

yadira... the second dress is horrible!
my mom used to dress me in those, i hated them then and i guess i still do.
maybe i'm just not hip enough??
haha. "hip."
but all the other ones are to die for!
good finds!

detour2mode said...

wow the purple dress is great

Ixchel said...

big ups! To both our mommies!

my mom still makes me frills! And they are still awesome!

I especially love my wool coat collection!

Yadira said...

Jen, dude, yeah, that second dress, it's pretty bad. But how awesome is it to see a dress like that going for hella money!? Can you imagine someone telling us that when we had our moms make us wear them? Heee-larious. When I saw it, I was like "oh shit!". I didn't even know they made them that big!

HOTSAAKE said...

Wow, I have a picture of my sister and I at her 8th grade graduation and she's wearing that dress. In fact, I think that's her dress and she wants it back.

DeSmitten said...

I remember the fashion rocks cover with JLo but I don't remember the designer inside! I love her style too, I might try to put a few looks together inspired by Patti Smith. P.S. saw the movie last night and it was GREAT!!!!!

Ariel said...

I'm in love with the unicorn dress.