Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everywhere But Here

Hallo ladies and gents.

Well, every other day, I take a look at websites like Face Hunter, Glam Canyon, Hoy Fashion, etc. Every time I go on there, I'm loving what I see. But when I see street fashion from the states (mainly NY and LA), I'm bummed out that we all look so much the same. Dean, Jen's hubby, who's from London, says that it's really simple. Americans like to look like everyone else, in order to feel fashionable, while Londoners like to look like nobody else, to show their creative fashion-forward side. I say, Fuck It All. Come on, America, let's stop being so afraid of looking stupid and try something new and different.

Copenhagen Street Style: this looks pretty typical, but I've yet to see someone else look this good in ugly yellow pants. It's about confidence too! that and a skinny-ass body (sad face).

Face Hunter: Um, capes? fuck yeah. And a braided scarf? fo sho.


Allure said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!

You're totally right about the first girl. Those pants are so hard to pull off.

Crave said...

Yes to embracing your own style and pushing your bondaries!!!