Tuesday, July 15, 2008

stuff that reminds me of other stuff

If Effie from the snail and the cyclops was Canadian, this is what she would look like, no? well, if she never matched, maybe. At least they'll always have those shoes.

photo by the comodified

photo by effie
The Face Hunter totally reminds me of Holy Stalder in this picture, with it's sorta-Mexican inspired dress. I had already posted this dress before HERE, but now I'm thinking I'm gonna try to make one similar. Just for me, the super Mexican! don't laugh Sergio.
photo by Face Hunter

photo by Holy Stalder

Face Hunter again. This time, this hip momma reminds me of MK. At least her glasses. I've been meaning to post a picture of MY Chanel pair of vintage specs, but I've been lazy. Heads up, expect everyone to be wearing Lennon-esque shades this summer.
photo by The Face Hunter

photo by the sartorialist

This lady not only has killer mustard hammer pants (I never thought I would ever put those four words together: killer - mustard - hammer - pants!), but a cutie dog. I am reminded of how badly Josh wants a lab-boxer mix and how far we still have to go to be ready for one. ugh!
photo by Face Hunter (I'm on their nuts today)



Jen Paige said...

and THIS is the pup i want, and soon will have!

Ixchel said...

Almost anything with ruffles always seems to win me over, I think it's the Mexican in me!