Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Smorgesborg Friday

It's Friday. I have hella shit to do at work. And well, don't really have energy to write. So I figured I would bombard you with visuals.

Hot titties, girl. You make me feel better about small boobs.

Cute photo. but I fell like a chester. both by: foto decadent

This is a conglomeration of everything bad. So, am I being brainwashed? Why do I think she would be someone I would want to hang out with and find out where she shops? photo by: Oh You Pretty Things

Denim done right: by Orinthes

Cute room and everything: by Crowdedteef (I thought it said 'beef', ha!)

Girl can wear hats. Punk. And that white dress is so girly but tough. Both by: Stylesightings

Sorry Josh, but I think this guy is so hot. Maybe it's because I really want his jacket and hat? Found on Borderline.

The next three pics are from Holly Stalder's new collection. The dresses are delicate, soft and innocent. Sounds pretty gay, but I can totally see myself wearing them and feeling very feminine. Even tough girls need that sometimes.

So, do you guys remember Less than Zero? By Bret Easton Ellis? I never saw the movie (below), but I did read the book. Well....

This guy, from Face Hunter, totally reminds me of it! No? I dunno, I think so.

Now, I was never attracted to Shia LeBouf, but damn, this picture tells me why you girls are so ga-ga over him. Once again, sorry babes. He's like my Jessica Biel.

Okay, now, listen, I'm no pervert or anything (kinda), but the photography from Luke Stephenson is pretty good. Some of it is quirky, like the portrait of this birdie here. But below it, yes, there's a boner. But, jesus, when I saw it, I just could not stop laughing. So, hopefully it makes you laugh more than it makes you gag (no pun intended).

Okay, last but not least: The stupidest shit ever. A whole website dedicated to "bum street style". Jesus people, really?


Kennedy said...

i love the girl with the high-waisted acid wash denim shorts too! you described her perfectly, and also she reminds me of chloe sevigny a little.

Yadira said...

She does, doesn't she?? It's just so weird...I remember when this was no longer cool (like in sixth grade/junior high) and how I thought it was sooo ugly! so weird.

Ixchel said...

That honey chiffon dress took my breath away! I'm in love...

All those layers in different lengths! Amazing!