Monday, July 7, 2008


Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. And if you did, you are most likely extremely exhausted like myself. The only reason I'm actually at work today is because if I didn't come in, I wouldn't get paid for Friday. Woe is me.

Today, I wanted to show you all artwork by the very talented Katrin Schwulst, from Dresden Germany, that I was happily stumbled upon while on Etsy. She has been featured in established blogs such as decor8, ohjoy! and And I can see why. Her work, I'll admit, looks like the same kind of minimalistic prints you've seen before, but her art work looks whimsical, in a very personal way. The prints remind me of what we as humans sometimes take away from an experience, almost like little lessons learned or bit of wisdom slowly accumulated throughout our lives. But that's just me. Maybe miss Schwulst saw something pretty and drew it and it has absolutely no meaning. Or not.

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