Friday, July 18, 2008

almost forgot

Out of all the couture shows this last month, I had a few favorites. Now, out of those favorites, I think that Armani really wowed me. Don't get me wrong, I love loved Dior's vampire thing, with the cute little caps that flared out at the face, and yeah, the caggie clothes from Gaultier were pretty crazy, but I think that Armani was so classic, so clean and so easily coveted. Do I really want a dress from the Fifth Element? No, not really. Can I wear big ass dresses, dark lipstick and look like I'm going to suck your blood? Soooometimes. But the Armani collection actually makes me want to go out and get some nicer clothes. Good work, dude.

I want a dead animal around me neck now. but only if it's over a blazer with a hem like that.

All the colors are so dark and uninviting, but with the attention to tailoring and fabric selection, it makes the harsh metallic feel of the clothes disappear.

Finally, bows that don't make me think of Minnie Mouse.

Dude! A fucking cape that covers one boob! Can I pleeeeeeze have this?

This reminds me of Kristen Dunst and Diane Keaton. But in a good way!

Very David Bowie [so says Christine, my coworker], I kinda agree

Totally fucking awesome metallic blazer. How do you not want to own one of these?
Super uber sexy

Love the layers in this one.

Pantsuit! Pantsuit!!


Thomas said...

i love the cape as well! I really want capes to make their way into mainstream wearing. But anytime i see them around or try to wear one myself it's just way to goth or theater majory for me.

Sophista-Funk said...

the metallic blazer is too perfect