Thursday, July 24, 2008

examples and a few other things

Crap crap crap, I just realized I missed Project Runway last night. What the fuuuuuck?!

Okay, whatever, I'll get over it, just not one tell me anything. Or, actually, someone just tell me everything and then I don't have to worry about it.

Anyway, this photo's by and isn't that dress just fucking adorable? It buttons inside, giving it that shape.

And here's a cardigan that only breaks my heart. It reminds me that I can't afford the damn Beckerman cardigan that Desmitten offered to buy for me when she went to their sample sale the other day. Too bad I couldn't afford $110. Photo by strike.match

How to do monochromatic style this summer. Here ya go. You're welcome.

Okay, Hammer pants. I dunno. I think they look good on SOME people, and I hope they don't grow in number the way gladiator sandals took over everyone's feet this summer. They're just not that flattering. Here, lambandlynx pulls them off. But barely (sorry).

This poor smuck, who I'm not even going to link, is the perfect example of why some people should defintely not wear them. Cankle much?

Oooh, when I saw this on Face Hunter, I was like "what! already??!"
Check out her tights. Fucking stripes. What did I tell you?

Now, for capes. Capes are fucking hot. Not just like "that's hot!", but hot as in warm and shit. So, no duh you would never want to wear one right now. But check out these cape-like thingies you can wear now.
This one's from Oak and is a bit pricey. It's $110, the same price as that cardigan I want, and to be honest, I would rather get the cardigan. But, hey, you spend your money your way.
As seen on Face Hunter.
And as seen as the always gorgeous Natasha Khan. See? Capes and capes and capes. Go out, get shitloads of gauzy fabric, and you can wear one right now too.


ohsarah said...

that dress is so adorable!

and i think i found the photos from the hair stylist's website. i think covered a story on the styles.


DeSmitten said...

I love the black and white dress! I would love to see exactly how it was made....