Monday, June 2, 2008

short and sweet

Only two pictures today. I can't have last week's fiasco. And besides, there are only two things on my mind lately. One is my dear friend, Megan. When I saw this photo of Bat for Lashes again, I realized how much Natasha Khan reminds me of Megan. Both have a quirky aesthetic pallets, loving to mix bright colors and patterns with dark undertones. And both are very artistic. I haven't seen her for ages and I wish I had the money to fix my car and just drive to Mill Valley one day.

I've also been dying to go thrift store shopping, even more so that I've been thinking about visiting Megan. This picture, that totally reminds me of a vintage picnic in the french countryside, has such potential for being found at a local Goodwill. Sigh. So many dreams, so little sleep....

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