Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bat for Fashion

Okay, real post. Ever since I posted about Bat for Lashes reminding me of Megan, I can't get Natasha Khan outta my head....maybe it's because I'm so envious of her hair and clothes. I love the fact that she has so many head bands and what not.


Ixchel said...

I wish, I was able to pull of wearing a head band. I'm afraid I'll look silly! Can someone make me a yummy bohemian hippie goddess for a day? Like a trial... I will work it and own it!

Yadi, your lovely blog has created a sweet escape when I'm at work.

Thank You, it definitely beats myspace!

Yadira said...

Your welcome, ma! Yeah, me too. I tried wearing a leather thread with a feather (all pocahontas like), but looked like a fool. WTF?

And ditto, I saw your blog and I asked myself "photographer? or do I wanna use her as a model?"

Ixchel said...

I've definitely had those moments, where I'm like WTF? I'm afraid that certain looks may look more costumey than chic on me!

If only you lived closer we could collaborate! I just started making a high waisted skirt!