Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I heart Polaroids

I heart Polaroids, originally uploaded by Porcelain*9.

So, remember that post (like six entries down or something) about Polaroids? Yeah, totally ripped that heart Polaroid wall thingie idea off. Oh, whatever. We all do it.


Ixchel said...

I really hope It was all a dream, when someone gave me the grave news, that Polaroid is discontinuing instant film! It saddens me greatly, but don't fret you can still purchase instant Polaroid film on, Ebay, for an arm and a leg! I think it's a great investment, but then again I am a frivolous spender with no regrets! Polaroids enrich our lives!

It's sad...eventually we will have to say good-bye to the warm fuzzy feeling, that Polaroids provide us with...just like Wes Anderson films, or cute baby animals. Thank goodness those will be around for a while.. I hope!

Yadira said...

Ahhh! don't remind me! I wish I had funds to get more polaroid film. You can actually find some still at places like Walmart, Rite Aid and Target...until who knows when. But I think, with Polaroids being such a demand, especially for modeling agencies and designers, I'm sure someone will fill the void. Hopefully.

Kennedy said...

that is an excellent photograph

Yadira said...