Friday, June 6, 2008

Etsy Finds, boredom.

Well guys, this is the first time in a while that I have actually had time to write something. So I decided to check out Etsy since it's been a while! I only looked at a few things in the fashion department before I got bored and decided to move on to the home section.

Dean and I found the perfect house to move into! The only thing is there are 50 other applicants so far and he doesn't want pets to live there. Good thing I'm a sweet talker and my hubs is british! This house is perfect perfect perfect! Two bedrooms, a cute little back yard, front covered porch, hardwood floors, crown molding, its already painted a nice brown colour inside, washer and dryer AND central heat and air... perfect for the hot summer here in Sacramento. I hope we get it.





Holly Stalder



Kiska Style Wall Decor





Jen Paige said...

so... i resized all of these pictures to be the same small size and i don't know what happen. i am to tire to fix it now. i'll get to it soon.

Yadira said...

Hey boo! Oooh, I love the last picture in the "fashion" section, and I totally thought that Josh could do something similar to that lamp shade. Ooooh, I wish you had been at momo lounge last night! I looked so cute! what we doing tonight???

Jen Paige said...

i totally thought of josh when i found that lamp shade. check out the rest of the stuff and make him make us stuff. i'm calling you right now.