Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wardrobe Remix Roundup

Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I probably would have had a great weekend, if I looked like one of these ladies!

First up, we have Romana West Vintage. Yup, another one of those eBay places where you know you could have probably found it yourself if you had time to go thrift store shopping. Regardless, I can't hate. She looks adorable. Even the fact that the shirt is way too big for her (just look at those sleeves) doesn't stop this outfit. The neat thing is, anyone can reproduce this outfit. Deep V, high waisted skirt, cute vintage wedges.

This is also an outfit that I think is sooo simple and that anyone can reproduce. However, I've seen some girls try this out, and it didn't look as cute as Chynna doll.

Now, what the hell? How come some girls, like keikolynnsogreat, get all the looks? Holy crap, you guys, go check out her flickr. Every damn picture, cute, cute, cute. So jealous. While this isn't her best outfit, there's something to be said about a girl who can wear pink highwaisted shorts with a baby blue top. I know I can't....

This picture, by noisecollective, wins me over for a few reasons. One, just the picture itself. Vintage feel, vintage crop, it's reminiscent, okay? Two, her hair. I'm still in the crap stages of growing mine out, so pictures like this make me weep. Three, well, her outfit is cute, isn't that the point of this post? And four, this reminds me of sitting out in the Quad in Davis. Ladies, if you are still in college, enjoy it while you can.

This girl is Vice hot. Back when Vice was actually good. Kudos to Evy Dearest. Doll face, even your photography and location scream Terry Richardson, but you don't have to give him head (thank god). The glasses, the AA top and moccasins just add the cherry on top.

Okay, so this outfit by Yinse is not something I would ever wear. But not because it's not cute, but because it's really hard to pull something like this off. Not everyone can do it (I've seen some pretty horrific attempts at Lipstick). So, Yinse, you have my respect, that's for sure.

Last, but not least, is Marcinethequeen. This picture rekindles my hope for girls with curves. Thank god. And that fact that she can wear this color green and not look like an extra as an umpa loompa, Jesus, what more can you ask for?

Okay, now....hahahah, these two. I will not post their names, but, WTF?? The first, Safari Chic? No, no, girl. More like Safari Stupid. Look at her band aid? Come on. Please, no one attempt this. Now, the second picture, not so bad. But there's a little thing as trying too hard. Just stand there. Let's see your outfit, not your audition for Americas Next Top Model, okay?


Anne said...

I like your blog, and the curvy outfit is real cute. Thanks for adding it. - Anne

Yadira said...

You're welcome! thanks for reading!