Friday, May 23, 2008

Polaroids: My favorites

I love Polaroids. There's nothing really unique about that, everyone loves Polaroids. They're special. They can't be recreated, they can't be photoshopped and still be called a Polaroid. It's almost as if they are magical. They slowly develop into a past memory, as you watch over it as it sits on the coffee table, everyone around you wondering what it will look like. I feel like they are so special and delicate because it can be lost forever. But at the same time, they can be found, too. Finding a Polaroid at an estate sale is almost like looking into someones heart, someones memory. Here are a few of my favorites.

Who doesn't remember when this charming picture came out? I remember seeing it on sfgirlbybay and was immediately tickled. Tickled so much, that I went home and recreated it (as I'm sure many of you did as well, don't lie). I gathered all my Polaroids and randomly posted them on my wall, and hopefully I'll have a picture soon. Not that it would be this cute, but still.

Also on sfgirlbybay, I came across an amazing person, Jinnie Lee. This lovely lady takes Polaroids to the next level. How the hell can anyone else's Polaroids compete? Holy hell, these Polaroids are some damn cute. Which is what really inspired this post. I went back to my wall of Polaroids and realized that I was not using the film to it's full potential.

This is my friend Jen. I love her to death (even if I don't ever get to see her anymore, that brat). I asked her to model for me for my crochet line (called just "Porcelain"). She was so wonderful and made every shot look exactly how I had pictured them. These two are my favorites.

Jamie (Jen's twin) took these two at my surprise birthday party. Nothing special, but like I said before, Polaroids can be lost and it's almost like losing a little part of the feeling you had during the picture. I will always cherish these two pictures. It was my favorite birthday as an adult.

Ha! this picture was taken during my birthday the previous year. You see those three retarded looking people? Well, they look retarded because at the exact moment that this picture was taken (and I mean, like, exactly), my friend Lindsey was being gay and not paying attention to what she was doing and popped her tire while filling it with air. Coincidence? Naw, it was magic.

This puppy is hilarious. In the forefront, you have my sister in law and her fiance. In the background, however, you have a hobo. No, not really, just kidding Ian. But still. Doesn't he look so sad?! makes me laugh every time I see it.

Okay, the rest are from flickr. If you really want to know where I found them, just look at my favorites.


ol'ladyPajamas said...

kind of a Brat?! well, i guess i deserve that one. Not.
I love this blog spot, you two have made something i think anyone ( well not just anyone, only; really, really, really, ridiculously good looking people) can read, reply, and be inspired by. My hat's off to you Ladies! muah!

Yadira said...

ahahah! You ARE a brat, but in every good way possible, so it's kinda of a compliment (?) Anyway, you should come hang on the 7th. Fashion show at javalounge!