Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier

So, in about a week, we'll be seeing Target stock up their stores with the anticipated collection from Jean Paul Gaultier. Everyone will be stoked......or so we thought. Looking at this collection, one word comes to mind: Horrid. Or two words: Horrid and cheap.

For starters, the leggings, one of the dresses, the bathing suit thingie and that top worn under the yellow dress, they all look like that crap that people were wearing when they wanted to look like they were tattooed. WTF? Seriously? We expect this from Ed Hardy, not one seriously famous designer.

Then, where is the heck is the consistency? Some of the collection looks like it came out of the movie Cry Baby, with the leather, gingham and good girl florals.....none of which even Hatchet face would wear and the rest look like Madonnas back up girls wore the clothes in a bad low budget video. Ugh. No thanks. The only things that look good are those last two jackets, but only the price will tell.

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