Monday, December 21, 2009

what the fuck!!!

So, I go to Target yesterday in hopes of, like every other girl out there, scoring myself a piece of the Rodarte pie. Well, wtf, low and behold, they are practically out of everything and they didn't even carry half of what the collection included.

But why?? It's not like Salinas (where I was at at the time) is full of fashionistas (trust me, look up the location). Well, because this Target decided to put everything out on the 18th. Thanks alot, fuckers.

So, I go online, but everything is sold out! yep. Practically everything.

And if this didn't piss me off enough, check out this story. Ugh!

(I did however buy the beige tulle dress and the "lace" tank one, see post below)

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