Saturday, December 12, 2009

Everything I can't have

Every time I go shopping, it is the most disheartening event of my week. Everything I want to wear makes me look absolutely ridiculous due to the 24 pounds that I have put on (yep, and it's only gonna go up). I can't wear fur, or anything that resembles fur and leopard print only seems to come in items that don't fit me anymore.

I'm still going to try to find tops with cute shoulders (as seen in a few here) and I'm still going to try to do something with my hair. In the meantime, I will gaze at these beauties and wait till Julian is born. I've been meaning to post these for a while, so they're pretty old.

I love the combo of black sheer with the shoulder details.

More shoulder detail. This is really the only look I can go for right now, but it's still pretty hard to find a top that actually goes over my belly.

Big sweaters! This is only something I know I can wear. But finding that right that both hides and accentuates my pregnancy just right is pretty hard to find.

Not that I would ever cut my hair like this, but I love love this girls hair.

And her hair too. I used to have it shaved on the side, but after growing it out for almost two years, I don't know if I'm willing to go shaved again. It just took so effin long to get it this length!
A little crunchy, I know, but it looks so warm and comfy. Two things that are at the top of my wardrobe priority right now.

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