Thursday, April 30, 2009


reminds me of Friday nights. And I totally love that shirt, the way its soo huge on her little body.

I have been really wanting a hat lately, especially after seeing Mel in hers at Shady Lady. This is is exactly what I want.
uber cute. bust out that double sided shit.

reminds me of Clueless. If you about my age, you remember wanting plaid skirts and knee highs all the time.

more knee highs. Good transition from spring to summer (PS, wtf with the cold night, Sacramento?)

acid wash everywhere! I saw the cutest girl wearing acid wash running shorts at Coachella and now all I want is a pair of acid wash shorts.

hat, boots. I want.
perfection, on the left.  The girl on the right needs to figure shit out.


Mel, you suck, you didn't all back, so I put my pee-jayjays on.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the low cut romper, so cute yet sexy!

Anonymous said...

yadi...spell check.

Porcelain Garden said...

Hey desmitten! long time no blog.

And to who ever is a better speller than me...I know! I'm just too lazy....

Ixchel said...

the blue outfit is divine!