Monday, January 26, 2009

more hype

tights and stripes. texture and patterns keep the eye moving.
blazer. do like us and find this at your local thrift.
miss minnie. don't be coy. you know you look cute.
playsuit and headband. play being the operative word.
tape and attitude. she takes two minutes to get ready.
summer dress. something to look forward to.
florals and vintage collar. perfection.


Anonymous said...

im not directly concerned, but as a styleblogger myself and as someone who also posts a lot of pictures from others' blogs, i think itd be nice if youd linked back to the sources you have the pictures from and credit accordingly. its more fair that way, since they probably can get more traffic and is maybe also in the interest of your readers, if theyd like to see more of one particular person. i, for my part, make a little note from where i have a picture when i save them in my inspiration-folder.

besides that, all pictures you have chosen are great! the girls are gorgeous. and id love to see more ofthem.

Yadira said...

Thanks for the comment.

All the sources are to the right of the blog. If I haven't listed the source, then I usually link the source in the post. Also, the tags can usually help in finding out where they came from. Hope that helps!