Monday, December 15, 2008


Dorian Gray here. I've been asked to make guest appearances/posts here. guess that's enough said, let's get to the fashionistas!

I dream of an even more adorabl knit verson of this shoulder cape... think of the great ties/clasps you can use to adorn them, yadira/jen!! (hint-hint)

green & purple is possibly my favorite color combination and these textures mixed with the rich/deep tones are killing me!

i like this jacket and how it's works with the frill of the dress... a little splash of color.

i would totally wear everything on him..

a bit more of a Scandinavian/heterosexual feel to the previous look. think Helsinki not Castro, SF

i'm dying for those pants. i really just enjoy the casual feel of the entire package.

This reminds me of old photos of my great grandma who immigrated from El Salvador in the early 1900s! so decadent and lush. so false it's true.

two, cool for school.



Porcelain Garden said...

I love the last two!


Jen Paige said...

those are my fav too!
welcome splurge.
i'll be writing during my 2 week break!